About the Pups

13055136_10153354604951504_3300576365234459811_oOlive (also known as Olivia, Olive Garden, O. G., Ojisan, Gooby Girl, Goobina, Scoobina, Gooba, Scooba, or Scoobarelle*) has had a motto since she was a puppy, and that motto is: “Play Hard, Nap Hard”. Olive was once described by a total stranger as “being mischievous, but [not having] an ounce of evil in her,” and it’s so true. This girl is loving, feisty, loyal, intelligent and just wants to be a part of the pack. Her hobbies include busting into the bathroom because she wants to see you, playing tag and tug of war, fetching for hours on end, running around in circles, pulling the stuffing out of toys, napping with her eyes open, and stealing toys from her brother Hitch after a bit of whining. She can be found forever at the heels of her human mom, to whom she is probably unhealthily attached. We’re working on it!


14089030_10153612296231504_9055809242219333130_nHitch (also known as Lord Hitchenbottom, Jibby, Hitchy B, chicken, or baby boy*) is a six year-old Border Collie mix (42 in dog years) adopted from SICSA in 2014 at 4 years old. Unlike most Border Collies, Hitch enjoys laying on the couch, completely inactive, sleeping (read: hibernating), and cuddling with his humans. Dark bags that lie on the floor or couch are often mistaken for this boy. Hitch is timid and afraid of the strangest objects including, but not limited to: the vacuum cleaner, certain plates, boxes larger than 12″ x 12″, chairs, the garbage can, the dishwasher door, etc. But the best thing about Hitch is his sense of empathy. He can tell if you’re frustrated, sad, or angry, and if you are he will always place a paw on your lap and look into your eyes with a calming reassurance – much like we do for him. Hitch is truly an old soul at heart, and the absolute best snuggler. His facial expressions range from worried to poker face, but his tail is always a telltale sign that he’s actually pretty excited!

Both pups light up when asked if they want to go to the Bark Park and seem to always know exactly when the peanut butter jar opens – even from the other side of the house.

*Funny how nicknames just devolve, huh?


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