Welcome to Olive + Hitch!

W20107_10105359830428739_1535132705936482313_ne are two high school sweethearts who closed a 500 mile gap between each other by getting an apartment together. We soon realized, however, that our apartment still felt empty. He grew up with hardly any pets, and my home resembled a grassroots zoo. He really wanted a dog of his own, and I found myself missing that energetic presence I felt with my family dogs throughout the years. So what better thing to do than adopt a dog? That’s when Hitch came into our lives!

Hitch made our tiny house feel like a home. To nurture a living being together, without the even more vast commitment of having a child, is something we really came to enjoy.

11811346_10105424418937849_2443165843285547704_nAfter ten months, we decided Hitch needed a friend to play with during our working hours – someone who could liven his spirit and prove that this border collie mix wasn’t a mere couch potato. So once again, we were off to the shelter, and in trots Olive.

Follow the adventures of these twenty-something year-old doggy parents as we share our experiences, thoughts and feelings in raising and living with these two pups. We’ve found that they learn a lot from us, but we are learning leagues more from them.

We would love to hear the stories and experiences of other pet owners as well! Get in touch.


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